T̶H̶I̶S̶ ̶W̶O̶R̶K̶S̶ ̶D̶I̶F̶F̶E̶R̶E̶N̶T̶L̶Y̶


A chain of performances, conversations, presentations, lectures, and beneficial experiences. The group functions as a semi-collective of international artists and activists from different geographies. The aim of the series is to promote young artists, researchers and activists. The emphasis is laid on the fusion of theory and practice in presenting alternative ideas both inside and outside of the conventional art system while practicing togetherness.



Joe T. Tennis
Steve Davis
Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas
Daniele Di Lodovico
Brandon Alesauskas
Max Kraushaar
Nasrin Himada
Paul Berger
Barbara Polster
Cedar Mannan & Lia Yaranon Hall
Gretchen Bennett
Babak Golkar
Rob Rhee
Gary Hill 
Am Johal, 
manuel arturo abreu, 
Victoria Anne Reis, 
Philip Wohlestetter, 
Alejandra Salinas 
Melanie Noel
Jeanne Heuving, 
Maged Zaher
Carrie Bodle
Joe Milutis
Genevieve Goffman
Jason Groves
Dakota Gearhart
John Knight
Meghan Trainor
Anastasia Hill
Maarit Suomi-Väänänen
Giovanna Esposito Yussif, 
Christine Langinauer
Art & Activism in the Posthuman Turn,
FAR Night School
Jo Kjaergaard
Shahram Khosravi






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