Future Events



Thursday, August 23, 2018 @Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki
Exhibition Opening: “How To Build a Wall: Introduction into Art”
An exhibition made by a group of artists aiming to visit the intersections of ‘art production’ and ‘cultural dominance through exclusionary methods’. Inspired by Edward Said’s Culture and Imperialism and Wendy Brown’s Walled States Waning Sovereignty, the project will incorporate the relationship between history and state-structures, state-structures and space, space and bodies.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018 @Exhibtion Laboratory, Helsinki
Shahram Khosravi (Public Talk): How Does it Feel to be a Crisis?
We live in a time of wall fetishism. Never as today have human beings been so obsessed with building walls. Walls are, however, old. Empires built walls, from the Great Wall of China, to Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England and the Limes Tripolitanus of the Roman Empire in North Africa to keep “barbarians” out. And if we look closer we can see that there are still traces of the old imperial visions in the modern borders and border walls.

Thursday, September 20 – 22, 2018 @Vartiosaari, Helsinki

3-Day Collective Reading at Vartiosaari: The aim of this project is to exercise a collective reading around the theme of anxiety and conflict. Everyone will choose ONE text, relevant to the theme from their personal preferences and what they are interested in reading.