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07.2018 #1

In the last meeting (which took place in Shelter / Suoja / Убежище Festival), we read the second part of Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh‘s book on Eastern Postmodernism along Foucault’s Security, Territory and Population. The conversation was focused on insurgency, counter-insurgency and history of art in relation to artistic movements and methodologies. We discussed feminist strategies in relation to historic revolutionary and evolutionary (waves) moments. Regarding the same topic, we talked about Hito Steyerl’s artworks and writings of Sara Ahmed.

For the next reading, we will review the first chapter of Edward Said’s Culture and Imperialism. Published in 1994, many years after his iconic work orientalism, the book examines the intersections of culture (art, literature, films, etc.) and Empire. This reading will be a precursor for reading Hamid Dabashi’s Brown Skin, White Masks, and Sherene Razack’s Casting Out: The Eviction of Muslims from Western Law and Politics.

The next reading group will take place at Shipwreck Information Center exhibition in Turku’s Brinkkala gallery. 


Reading materials:

  1. Edward W. Said, Culture and Imperialism (introduction + Chapter 1)

Supplementary Readings:

  1. Edward Said’s Culture and Imperialism: A Symposium (Bruce Robbins; Mary Louise Pratt; Jonathan Arac; R. Radhakrishnan; Edward Said)
  2. Shahram Khosravi, The ‘illegal’ traveler: an auto-ethnography of borders

Link to Download texts (Changing each time)



  1. Thinking through Racisms conversation: Haus der Kulturen der Welt
  2. Maryam Monalisa Gharavi – Face/Less: Human, Inhuman, Abhuman



Date: Saturday 14.07.2018, 18:00
Address: Shipwreck Information Center @Turku Brinkkala Gallery


Cyprus, 2015 by Rayyane Tabet, (photo from Sharje Foundation)


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We are open to collaboration and joint projects. The reading conversations are usually carried on collectively. We are not reading the selected texts during the meetings, but focusing on the conversation about the subject. The topic of each month’s reading varies based on the collective interest. We are reading books, essays, and other materials in topics regarding contemporary art studies, politics, philosophy, criticism, poetry, etc. If you would like to join, just come in (free and open to all). Feel free to bring your friends.
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